"Rooted in Elegance, Blossoming in Luxury: Dynasty Avenue"


Dynasty avenue is an ambitious and innovative urban development project that seamlessly blends the charm of traditional townhouses with the vibrancy of a modern commercial area. This carefully planned community is designed to provide a harmonious and balanced living experience, where residents can enjoy the convenience of city life without sacrificing the comfort and serenity of a tight-knit neighborhood.

Dynasty avenue is not just a residential development; it’s a living, breathing community where history meets modernity, tradition meets innovation, and neighbors become an extended family. With its unique blend of classic townhouses and a bustling commercial area, dynasty avenue offers a distinctive lifestyle that provides residents with the best of both worlds. It’s a place where you can cherish the past, embrace the present, and look forward to a promising future.

Real estate Master Developers specializes in four complementing business lines: commercial hub planning, ecofriendly environment, construction on broader level, and modern constructive approach, resulting in a comprehensive and proven offering. The company has handled some of the most difficult & challenging projects in garden city kharian and grand city faisalabad, taking pride in staying one step ahead of the competition and fully responsive to market demands. Now, the experts are coming with the biggest project “dynasty avenue” to add up change in the conventional commercial region. A unique approach would make the project extra ordinary successful. However, aside from the conventional approach & make the ecofriendly environment is the main aspect of the dynasty avenue project.




Dynasty Avenues enjoys a strategically advantageous position in Faisalabad, boasting excellent accessibility from various city corners. It is situated on main Sargodha road, opposite grand city along side with Citi housing phase 2.Ghanta Ghar is just a short 25-minute drive away. Faisalabad medical university can be reached in a 14-minute drive. Fast national Uni is 7-minute drive away. Faisalabad International Airport is conveniently accessible within a 42-minute drive. Metro Faisalabad is just 7-minute drive away. This central location makes Dynasty Avenues an ideal choice for those seeking convenience and easy connectivity in the heart of Faisalabad.

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Why dynasty Avenue?

Dynasty avenue is a compelling choice for a variety of reasons, each catering to different aspects of a modern and fulfilling lifestyle. Here are some of the key reasons why you might choose dynasty avenue as your place to live and invest:

  1. timeless elegance
  2. community and neighborhood
  3. convenience
  4. modern amenities
  5. green spaces
  6. sustainability
  7. accessibility
  8. investment potential

In summary, dynasty avenue offers a distinctive lifestyle that appeals to those who appreciate classic design, community interaction, convenience, and sustainability. Whether you’re seeking a place to call home or a sound investment, dynasty avenue provides a unique and attractive option in the world of urban living.

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