Property for rent in Karachi

Property for rent in Karachi

Karachi is the largest metropolitan city in Pakistan with a population of more than 1.6 million of people. It is situated near the Arabian Sea and serves as an import and export for business across the country. Karachi is the capital of Sindh which is located in the south of Pakistan. Based on its contribution to trade and activities, Karachi has known as the economic capital of Pakistan. It is a big city in the country and is divided into six districts, Central, East, West, South, Korangi Town, and Malir.

About Karachi

Karachi is a major art and culture. It ranks among the quickly growing cities, because of its development over the past and a rich culture that attracts communities from every group in Pakistan. Due to its nightlife, Karachi has been titled the ‘City of lights’. This nightlife attracts many people to come to the city and explore the opportunities here.

Since the price of property for rent in Karachi is reached to height in Karachi, for example, most people are now shifting towards choosing a house for rent instead of buying a house. The options for house rent in Karachi are very deep and wide and are available at different price ranges from high to low.

Factors to choose a house for rent in Karachi

Explore many options and analyze the comparison between the rental price and location so you can get the best deal. Since a city is built along the coast, it may be very humid and damage furniture. Water is not accessible easily therefore many residents buy a water tanker. Hence it is important to check these things before renting a house.

When choosing a house for rent in Karachi firstly you can consult with a real estate agent. provides you too many options you can choose from and help you to in finding the best suitable property for rent in Karachi for you.

Type of Houses for rent in a Karachi

With an increasing population, the demand for rental houses in Karachi is increasing with the passage of time. There are many types of different apartments that are available for rent in Karachi, which include luxury apartments, studio apartments, and penthouses that are available at different price ranges.

Same as different houses for rent are available at different prices, that depends on the size, area, view, and floor of the house. The price of the house for rent also depends on whether the apartment is furnished or not.

Price for a rental house in Karachi

The price range of houses for rent in Karachi is related to the size, view, area, floor, and also condition of the house.

The normal size for house rent in Karachi is in the range of 120 square yards, 250 square yards, and 500 square yards. The price range of 120 square yards is around 12,000 and 150,000. 250 square yard house will have a cost of about 12,000 to 25,000.

The monthly rent for 500 square yards is range from 50,000 and onward. The rental price of apartments in DHA has high rent due to its facilities that are nearly available like schools colleges, mosques, parks, and healthcare facilities.

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