Jinnah hospital Lahore

Jinnah hospital Lahore

As named after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who is the founder of Pakistan, the Jinnah hospital found in 1996 in the city of Lahore Basically Jinnah hospital is a teaching hospital in the Pakistani province of Punjab. It expands over 105 acres. Its operation starts in 1994, with a very small amount of facilities, and was formally completed on 2 February 1996, although with only some specialists at first. In 2005, there was added a new 100-bed accident and created Emergency Department and hence it is fully functional with 1500 beds. So, the staff of a Jinnah hospital is working hard for serving patients that are coming from all over Punjab with a motto. It provides services in many fields of surgery, medicine, gynecology, etc.

In Jinnah Hospital Lahore, the needs of patients and their families are the first priority. With the honor of being leading hospitals in Pakistan, they strive to be a healthcare service and provide the patients with the most satisfy able treatment and care, by providing the most ideal clinical results, expert doctors, and staff. The hospital is then attach to Allama Iqbal Medical College and provides teaching facilities and training for medical students.

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MS of Jinnah Hospital suspended

Punjab Health Department has suspended a Medical Superintendent of Jinnah Hospital Lahore which is one of the largest public hospitals in the conurbation.

Yasmin Rashid gives suspension orders for Jinnah Hospital MS Yahiya Sultan.

Dr. Javed Butt has now been given an additional charge of MS at Jinnah Hospital.

The new MS was like the same people who complain to Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid about the inappropriate measure after the visiting Jinnah hospital till late at night.

Doctor details in Jinnah Hospital

Jinnah Hospital Lahore's doctor list consists of 100+ well-trained and well-educated doctors and pharmaceutical staff working hard in Jinnah Hospital. They are not only providing health care but also providing a good environment for patients.

The doctor list consists of:

  • Brig R Ramzan Chaudhry-Urologist
  • Muhammad Sabir Ashraf-Urologist
  • Sayed Arslan Haider-Neurologist
  • Umar Mushtaq-Dermatologist
  • Imran Taqi-General physician
  • Dr. Sajjad Naseer-Neurologist

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Jinnah Hospital Lahore Fees

The Jinnah Hospital has no charges. Only you need to take a token if you want to consult with Jinnah Hospital Doctors.

Jinnah Hospital Timings

The every time emergency service at Jinnah Hospital is available 24/7. So, now you can easily deal with a male and female doctor at the Jinnah Hospital without any hesitation.  

Jinnah Hospital Pharmacy

Jinnah Hospital also has an indoor pharmacy. Patients can avail of 24/7 indoor Pharmacies to take medicines at low prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the famous hospital in Lahore?

Jinnah hospital is a famous hospital in Lahore

What is the rank of Pakistani doctor in the world?

Through the 2023 research report, the Pakistani doctor stood at 88th out of 89 countries.

Which doctor has highly paid in Pakistan?

Neurosurgery is a medical profession with the highest paid specialty.