Do Darya Restaurant Karachi_ A must-visit spot in Karachi

Do Darya Restaurant Karachi_ A must-visit spot in Karachi

Located on the coastline, Do Darya Restaurant Karachi is one of the favorite places for nature lovers and foodies. The destination offers the best dining experience and a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea. From continental to seafood or BBQ, there is something for everyone at Do Darya Restaurant Karachi. 

One of the most exotic features of Do Darya is that it holds enchanting scenic beauty. You can take your meal while enjoying the captivating waves crashing on the shoreline. Except for the delicious food, it also offers a cool and calm ocean breeze.

Location of Do Darya Restaurant Karachi

Do Darya Restaurants are located in DHA Phase 8 Karachi. It has increased the popularity of DHA. Now many people know DHA phase8 because of this charming site. Its exotic views captivate the visitors.  

Meaning of its unique name

There is a mystery behind its name as every name carries a background and meaning. Actually, “Do Darya” is a Persian phrase that means “two seas”. When you reach the destination, you will come to know that the place is surrounded by sea from both sides. We can say that it is the place where two seas meet. The captivating natural beauty will never fail to amaze any viewer. 

Dining options at Do Darya Restaurant Karachi

You can enjoy different meals like Italian, Chinese, desi, or continental cuisine according to your taste and choice. You can also have dine-in and takeaway options at Do Darya Restaurant Karachi. 

The top most famous eateries with their details are mentioned below. Choose the one that suits you.   

  • Al Habib Do Darya Restaurant

You would definitely like to visit this eatery if you ever go to Do Darya. With delicious food items, it is considered a great dining place at Do Darya. It is well decorated like its highway branch. The place looks sophisticated with the blue water and white birds flying everywhere. In the beautiful view, the taste of food doubles. You can reserve your table by contacting them. 

Famous dishes 

Al Habib restaurant offers a lot of menu options. The famous menu dishes include mutton chops, chicken broast, malai boti, chicken reshami kabab, grilled chicken, black pepper chicken, chicken white karahi, mutton karahi, etc. Other than desi, you can also have Chinese dishes options. 


The restaurant opens from 5:30 pm till 2:00 am.

  • Charcoal Do Darya Restaurant Karachi

If you want to enjoy BBQ and grilled servings, Charcoal BBQ and Grill is the best option. Their food servings are famous especially South Asian cuisine. You can enjoy your desired food in a pleasant and serene environment. You might not need to reserve your table as the place is not much crowded. 

Its picturesque outdoor setting is perfect for family and friends gatherings as well as for candlelight dinners.  

Famous dishes

As its name suggests, the place is famous for its BBQ and Grilled food items. Some of their famous food items include charcoal fire steak, tandoori chicken skewers, grilled mutton chops, grilled Mexican chicken, tarragon steak, black pepper chicken, BBQ grilled chicken, steak and shrimp, etc.


The restaurant remains open from 5:30 pm to 12:30 am.

  • Sajjad Do Darya Restaurant

Among the list of famous Do Darya Restaurants in Karachi, Sajjad Restaurant has its own importance. The name is quite popular among BBQ lovers. Its highway branch is also running successfully which opened the door of its foundation. It has had the credit of serving food rich in quality and taste since 2000. It can host large family gatherings by serving delicious foods. 

Famous dishes

If you ever visit Sajjad restaurant, don’t forget to try their famous dishes like chicken tandoori sajji, chicken chow mein, chullu kabab, chicken malai tikka, dhagga kabab, chicken jalfrezi, crispy fish and combo steak, etc. 


You can get their services from 5:30 pm to 12:30 am.

  • Kolachi Do Darya Restaurant Karachi

In the list of Do Darya's famous restaurants, Kolachi is also not a small contender. You can enjoy here a soothing dining experience at the seaside in Karachi. The mouthwatering food servings, remarkable customer services, and most importantly the appealing surroundings make it a perfect place for dining in Karachi.

Famous dishes

Kolachi’s menu has a range of food options including Peshawari karahi, mixed kata kat, brain masala, pepper mushroom sauce, chicken malai boti, makhni handi, mutton sajji, ginger gravy, and beef steak. Also don’t miss their famous royal-texas burger, BBQ jumbo prawns, spicy alfredo, and Philly beef.


Kolachi provides its services from 7 pm to 1 am.

  • Kababjees Do Darya Restaurant Karachi

Another restaurant named Kababjees has made its name among the famous Do Darya restaurants. You can enjoy cuisines from different countries of the world. It's particularly famous among seafood lovers. Along with that they also provide kebabs, karahis, and many more that attract visitors' attention. The wooden huts on the second floor provide a perfect cozy environment to chill out with friends or families. 

Famous dishes

Among the most popular dishes available at Kababjees, some are mentioned here to excite your interest. They include Kababjees fire chicken steak, grilled Moroccan chicken steak, American beef steak, Mexican wings, and grilled chicken sandwiches. Among seafood, the popular dishes are tempura grilled fish, Lahori fish, and seafood chowder soup. Among desi items, you have options of chicken reshami kabab, white mutton karahi, chicken makhani handi, and malai boti.


Kabajees remain open from 6 pm to 1 am.


After having a little bit deeper look inside the Do Darya Restaurant Karachi, we realize that it’s not wrong to say it foodie paradise. You can enjoy a perfect family time here where not only you can enjoy the tastiest cuisines, but also at the same time the beauty of nature. It is one of the best options if you are planning a seaside meal in Karachi. Finally, it will not be wrong to say that Do Darya is the must-visit spot for both the local residents and tourists in Karachi. So reserve your table and get ready to enjoy a memorable dining experience at Do Darya.

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