How to check e challan Lahore?

How to check e challan Lahore?

A comprehensive guide:

In Pakistan, the government has taken strict measures to ensure the following of traffic rules to avoid accidents. One of these measures is the introduction of the e-challan system to monitor and penalize the violators of traffic rules. The e-challan system has helped a lot in issuing fines to violators without the physical presence of traffic police. They record the violation of any traffic rule and send the e-challan to the violator’s home address. If you have received it and are unsure how to check e challan Lahore, then this guide is for you. 

In this comprehensive article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to check e challan Lahore. 

Step-by-step guide on how to check e-challan Lahore:


  •  Visit the official website

The first step in this regard is to visit the official website of PSCA (Punjab Safe Cities Authority) for e-challan Lahore. The website is very easy to use. Here you will find the details related to the e-challan system including how to check e challan Lahore. 

  • Enter your vehicle plate number

On the PSCA website, you will find a search challan tab. Here you will find a box below in which you have to write the number mentioned on your vehicle’s plate.


  • Enter your CNIC or chassis number

On the right corner, there will be a bow in which you have to mention either your CNIC number or the chassis number of your vehicle. 

  • View and pay your e challan

By doing so, the system will automatically display if there is any unpaid challan on your vehicle.

How to pay e challan Lahore?

PSCA has launched the online challan system for violators of traffic rules. It was launched considering the concerns of corona pandemic. The e-challan system is more convenient as it saves time. You can easily pay your challan after getting free. 

You can pay your e-challan Lahore in the following ways:

  • Manually pay the challan on the bank

The citizens can pay the e-challan Lahore manually on the bank in the following way. They just need to download the challan from the official website of PSCA or from their app. Then take a print of it and submit the challan to any branch of the National Bank as mentioned on the challan. 


  • Pay the e-challan online

However, to avoid the trouble of physically going to the bank and submitting the challan, you can also pay it on your mobile. Paying the challan online saves time and energy. Online payment methods such as easy paisa and jazz cash have reduced the burden also. Moreover, you can also take advantage of the E-Pay app in Punjab to submit an e-challan in Lahore. The e-Pay mobile app has four channels for online payment.  

Pros and cons of the e-challan system:

The e-challan system has revolutionized the traditional ticketing system of challan. While it has brought many advantages, it has some drawbacks also. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Efficient and Convenient 

The e-challan system is a far more efficient and convenient system than the traditional paper-based system. It saves time also and violators can pay the challan from anywhere at any time. They don’t need to visit the traffic police departments to pay the challan.

   2. Transparent and accurate

The e-challan system is computer-based, so it is accurate and transparent. It reduces the chances of corruption and also errors and mistakes in issuing the challans.

  3. Deterrent to violations

It is a deterrent to violators as there is no way for them to escape after violating the rule. The challan is automatically generated and transferred to the address of the person on who’s name is the vehicle registered. 


  • Privacy issues

It requires personal information and can cause privacy concerns. Your private information could be misused.

    2. Technical Concerns

The e-challan system is based on technology, so, network problems, software issues, and server downtime can cause delays in the issuance and payment of e-challan.

   3. Accessibility and cost issues 

Not everyone has access to the internet, therefore, some people may feel difficulty in downloading and submitting the challan’s payment. Moreover, its maintenance cost could also be a burden on the traffic police department and government. 


The e-challan system is established and controlled by PSCA in Punjab which has changed the way of issuing fine to traffic violators. Hope this article would’ve been helpful for you in knowing how to check e challan Lahore and how to pay it. 

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