Explore bedroom ceiling design that is fit for your room

Explore bedroom ceiling design that is fit for your room

Importance of bedroom ceiling design:

The bedroom is the place for relaxing and getting rest after a long tiring day. Therefore, bedroom ceiling design also plays an essential role in making the environment comfortable and cozy. An appropriate ceiling design adds more depth and texture to the room and makes it look more spacious. 

As the popularity of interior decoration is increasing, people are looking for elegant designs to make their homes look more beautiful. You can choose any design from simple to intricate depending on your nature and taste.

This article will help you to find out an appropriate ceiling design for your room. So let’s explore which are the different types of ceiling designs and what should we consider while choosing them.

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Types of bedroom ceiling designs:

Some of the most popular ceiling designs are tray ceilings, beam ceilings, well-lit ceilings, painted ceilings, dropped or false ceilings, cathedral ceilings, etc. Now, let’s delve into the details and features of all these ceilings designs one by one.

  1. Tray ceiling 

Usually, this ceiling is chosen for kitchen and dining rooms, but it also looks great in bedrooms. This is one of the most popular bedroom ceiling designs. In this design, the ceiling is made in an upward direction and then it is shaped in the form of a tray. In this design, the center of the ceiling is like a rectangle that gives a beautiful effect. This tray could be 6 inches to a foot deeper according to your choice. 

Benefits and drawbacks:

This type of ceiling gives a decorative effect to the room. It causes the room to look heightened. But we cannot do much creativity with this design. Moreover, it also requires much more material and space to be built.  

Beam ceiling

For decorating rooms with a modern look, these designs are popular. Although this bedroom ceiling design is traditional, it gives a decent look to the space. We may find many bedrooms with this beam ceiling design in which beams are made of wood. But in other cases, the beam could also be made of some lightweight material. They give depth to the roof of the room. It can also be installed in a spacious dining room.

Benefits and drawbacks:

We can add lights in faux beams to make it look more classy. It comes in different textures also. This type of ceiling is not suitable for small rooms. It is also costly to install.

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Well-lit bedroom ceiling design

If you don’t want to spend much on the ceiling, then you can also opt for a well-lit bedroom ceiling design. For this, you can simply paint the roof of your room white or any other color. Then add some lights of golden and white colors to give it an aesthetic look. You just need to spend on choosing lights.

Benefits and drawbacks:

You can choose lights of your own choice to make your room well-lighted. You can make the roof of your room look attractive just by installing lights. It is also budget-friendly. So, if you have budget restrictions while decorating a room then you can go with it. But it also has some demerits that you should consider before making a decision. Its drawback is that the heat of lights can damage the ceiling. Moreover, for small rooms, it is not suitable because lights warm up the room.  

Painted ceiling

The painted ceiling is also very common. You can paint the roof of your room in different designs with different colors to add more grace to it. To make the roof look elegant, you can choose soft and nude shades. You can choose colors for painting the roof according to the age and temperament of residents. Such as for children’s bedrooms, light shades look nice. For mature adults, you can go with bright colors also.

Benefits and drawbacks:

The election of the right color for painting roofs is very important. If the room is small, then dark colors give a more congested effect to the room. So you should not choose dark colors for small rooms instead use light colors to give a spacious effect to the room. Similarly, for big rooms, you can go with brighter shades.

Moreover, dark colors add warmth to rooms and light colors give a cooling effect. So you should also consider weather conditions during the selection of color. One of its drawbacks is that when the wall gets damaged the paint also gets damaged and needs often repairs. 

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Dropped or false ceiling

Initially, a false ceiling was done to cover up unpleasant pipes and wires. But now a wide range of designs are available in this respect. False or dropped ceiling design can give an esthetic and stylish look to your bedroom. A wide range of patterns and textures make a variety of ceiling designs. 

Benefits and drawbacks:

This ceiling design is easy to install but don’t do it by yourself if you are not familiar with the tools to make it. It thoroughly covers the unwanted wires and pipes. The false ceiling also helps to reduce noise by acting as a sound absorber. It is easily replaceable and repairable.

But on the other hand, it has a short come that it is not strong enough to bear severe earthquakes or other catastrophes. Moreover, it also reduces the height of rooms. Therefore, it should not be used for small rooms.


Cathedral bedroom ceiling design

A Cathedral ceiling is also often called a vaulted ceiling design. In this design, the roof is covered by equally sloping slides. It looks like an upside-down V. This ceiling design is most commonly installed in bedrooms and bathrooms on the first floor. It is very suitable for small bedrooms. But there is a difficulty in installing lights in this ceiling design.

Benefits and drawbacks:

This type of bedroom ceiling design gives a broader and wider effect to the room. Small rooms look spacious if this ceiling is installed in the room. But it is difficult to install in an already existing house. You can choose it if your house is under construction.

General recommendations

The right selection of bedroom ceiling design helps to enhance the overall grace and elegance of the room. In the end, there are a few recommendations that you should keenly observe.

  1. Consider the size and shape of the room before selecting any ceiling design.
  2. You should also keep in mind the height of the room and then select any ceiling design according to it.
  3. Thoroughly think about the overall style of your room according to your own taste. The ceiling design should be relevant to other adornments of the room.