Exploring the history, amenities, and importance of Kharian Cantt

Exploring the history, amenities, and importance of Kharian Cantt

Introduction of Kharian Cantt:

Kharian Cantt is one the largest military bases in Pakistan. It is well-developed and well-known for its military significance, picturesque area, geographical importance, amazing history, and vibrant cultural heritage.  

Location and Geography:

Kharian Cantt is located on GT Road (N-5) in Kharian Tehsil, in the Gujrat District of the Punjab province in Pakistan. It is spread over an area of approximately 2000 acres. Lush green valleys, attractive hills, lovely forests, and fertile agricultural land surround it. The area is also well-known for its heavy rainfall and fertile soil and its beauty makes it an ideal location for outdoor activities.

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The specialty of Kharian:

The specialty of Kharian Cantt is that it is the world’s second-largest cantonment(army base) and also one of the largest army bases in the region. Moreover, it is also called the little Norway of Pakistan because more than 70% of Pakistanis in Norway belong to this area. Over time, many people from Kharian have moved to Norway. Pabbi forest situated in Kharian is also one of the most fantastic tourist attractions here. 

Neighborhood and infrastructure:

It is situated in the southeast of Islamabad which is nearly 120 kilometers away from it and Lahore is in its northwest at a distance of 80 kilometers. Major cities are connected to it through roads and highways. The place is also known for its well-known infrastructure including well-paved roads, hospitals, and educational institutes. 

Its surrounding residential colonies include Model Town, Civic Center, Railway Colony, Defence Colony, and Satellite Town. Jhelum, Guyana, and Sarai Alamgir are the closest cities to it. The surrounding area of Kharian Cantt is mainly a rural area with lush green forests.

Military Importance of Kharian Cantt:

Being one of the largest army bases, Kharian Cantt has played a significant role in the defense of the country. This army base has a rich history of serving the nation and is still playing a crucial role in the safety and prosperity of Pakistan.

History of Kharian Cantt:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supervised the construction of Kharian Cantt, which was completed in 1958. It has been constructed according to the standards of the U.S. which are different from the standards laid by the British government for British and Indian troops. The reason for its construction was to station U.S. troops in Pakistan.  

Climate conditions:

The weather in Kharian is quite hot in summer. In winter, the weather is chilly and dry. Overall the climate is temperate.  In summers, on average the temperature fluctuates between 25_40 degree centigrade, and in winters the temperature usually fluctuates between 5_20 degree centigrade. During the summer months, dust storms and thunderstorms occur. Well, the climate is pleasant and comfortable for much of the year.  

Amenities available in Kharian:

  • Education

Kharian has many public and private educational institutions that provide quality education to students of all ages. Other than that many vocational and training centers are also present there. Some of the renowned institutions are New Vision College of Information Technology Kharian, Bloom Field Hall School, Cambridge Standard School Kharian, Army Public School and College, Cantonment Board Public School, Kharian College of Commerce and Computer Sciences, Roosevelt College, F.G Boys High School, F.G Girls Public School, etc.

Some other well-known schools are also present in its neighborhood like The Beaconhouse School Systems, Dar-e-Arqam School, The City School, Military College Jhelum, etc. Because of them, we can take an idea of its educational system.

  • Health Facilities

In terms of healthcare, Kharian Cantt has many modern and world-class hospitals and healthcare centers. They are equip with top-notch machines and equipment and staffed by highly professional and qualified medical doctors and nursing staff. Furthermore, they have the world’s latest technology and are providing excellent healthcare services to the local community. 

CMH(Combined Military Hospital) Kharian is the second largest CMH after Rawalpindi. Its different departments are offering a wide range of medical care to the residents.

  • Transportation

Because it is situated on the main G.T Road highway, the location is readily accessible via well-paved roads. Railway facility is also available whereas buses are the main means of transportation. If we use public transport, then we can reach the International airports of Islamabad, Lahore, and Sialkot in two to three hours.

  • Residential facilities

Due to its peaceful and secure environment, it is an ideal residential place. A variety of houses and apartments are present. Mostly they are well-maintain and well-organized. It is a comfortable place for professionals as well as families to live. Additionally, for the residence of troops, small camps and residential areas are also present.

  • Shopping and hoteling

Being a small military cantonment, Kharian Cantt has few extensive shopping options. But there are some general stores, shopping centers, and grocery stores for purchasing household items, clothes, and other items of daily. Moreover, some restaurants and cafes are also available in the cantonment. Corner shop, Saddar, and Sarhang Market are a few famous shopping centers here.

  • Recreational facilities

Many parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities are available in the cantonment, providing its residents with the facility for relaxation and enjoyment. 

  • Military housing

A wide range of housing options for military personnel and their families are available. So a healthy and peaceful environment builds.

Language and Population:

The most widely spoken and comprehensible language here is Punjabi. Whereas Urdu is the national language. The English language is also use in the business community and for professional work.

Its population is a mix of military personnel, their families, and other civilians who live there. People of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds live and work there. 


Due to its fertile land and rainfall, it is suitable land for agriculture. Many crops like sugarcane, maize, wheat, and rice grow there. The economy of the area is mainly based on its agriculture. Since Jhelum and Chenab rivers are present in its neighborhood, therefore, there is no shortage of water for irrigation.

Tourists Attractions:

Pabbi Forest is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Kharian. This lush green forest has also a lake flowing there which adds to the beauty of the place. 

Other than that Jhelum River and Mangla Dam also capture tourists' attraction.


In the end, we can conclude that Kharian Cantt is a place worth considering if you are seeking a peaceful and secure locality or if you want to enjoy nature. This place has great importance due to its natural beauty, military significance, rich history well-planned infrastructure, and amenities.

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